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    MetaWear Coin Makes Bluetooth Wearable for Everyone in Less than 30-minutes


    Ever thought of a device that fit in for all and help us in measuring and monitoring daily activities? Guess what, the device has arrived and it is called MetaWear Coin. It’s is a tiny, coin-cell powered, Bluetooth Sensor Platform with an SDK, used to develop Smart & Connected Wearable products. MetaWear Coin is developed by a team…

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    See Super Car ‘Keonigsegg One:1’s World Record with a ‘Full Noise Edition’ Video


    In September 2011, Keonigsegg set a new record in its Keonignegg Agera R car of travelling from 0-300 km/h and 300-0 km/h in 21.19 seconds. And in June 8, 2015 the company improved its record by held a new record with Keonigsegg One:1 at Keonigsegg’s test track in Algelholm, Sweden. These are the result of Keonigsegg’s new record: 0-300…

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    Google Earth’s 10th Happy Birth Day Gift to us


    Today millions of people uses Google Earth on their Desktop computer, laptops and on their mobile phones to find out their daily routes or to find a holiday trip place. It is about 10-years ago (29/06/2005) when its is available for public use it just had nothing as compare to its today’s version and now…

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    ‘Android Auto’ the future of our cars..


    Android Auto is finally rolling out to production cars, starting with the Hyundai Sonata. Android Auto does not fully replace the Sonata’s interface. Instead, it essentially runs as an app on top of it, launching when you plug in a compatible phone (Android 5.0 or newer) into the car’s built-in USB port. It turns the…