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A new technology that might save buildings from earth quakes

Hendo is a $10,000 hoverboard that wants to change the world. As I push off for my first time on an actual working hoverboard, the first thought in my mind is not how different it is from how Michael J. Fox did it in  Back To The Future Part II — which is obviously just a movie. It’s whether or not I’m going to immediately go face-first into this large, copper-lined floor. It’s also sinking in that this highly experimental skateboard required signing a liability waiver, and that there are several people positioned around me whose sole job it is to make sure I and their $10,000 prototype don’t go flying out of control. Well, about 1 inch off the ground. As you can see from the video below, the prototype is real and it works! But to see it hover in person, and better yet, to defy gravity by riding it, is something you need to experience as well.

This is the Hendo, the namesake of an inventor named Greg Henderson, and it’s really more of a technology demo than something that’s going to get you to work in the morning. Right now it’s effectively a parlor trick, and it apparently only works in parlors lined with a one of a small set of metals. But Henderson, who co-founded the hoverboard’s parent company Arx Pax with his wife Jill, imagines the technology that’s inside it could become a solution for keeping buildings from getting destroyed in floods and earthquakes by simply lifting them up. They also say that it could serve as a replacement for the systems that currently levitate maglev trains.



The Whitebox+™ puts hover control and propulsion capabilities in your hands. It’s operated through your mobile device (iPhone/Android). This control functionality contains advanced technology and hardware, so it’s not designed so much with tinkering in mind. Powered by a set of rechargeable LiPo batteries, we integrate the charging system directly into the box. Right now we can give you 12-15 minutes of hover with a charge time of about 2 hours.



Source : Hendo Hoverboards Kickstarter

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