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After VR Goggles, now there is a ‘exoglove’ which let you to touch Virtual World

A chinese company  Dexta has made this Virtual exoglove called  Dexmo  which let you to touch virtual world. This is really an amazing thing and look like a robotic hand wear on your hand. It has many axis and sensors for each finger which control your hand movement and lock hand’s movement when need it like when you are playing a video game and caught any thing in your hand, the axis lock the movement and make pressure on your finger.



“Dexmo can be used for controlling a robotic hand, also providing you with a better sense of presence by simulating a force feedback when an object is hit; or controlling a robotic arm; or something a little be more advanced, like controlling double robotic arms performing a remote bomb disposal task,” the Dexta Robotics team wrote.

The team also showed how the glove could be used to hack remote-controlled devices; used to control smart home devices, such as lighting; adapted for creating art and music using gesture controls; and even translating sign language.

Each Dexmo unit will come with some out-of-the-box software for users to experiment with; although at this stage, it will appeal more to developers and programmers, gamers will be able to benefit from the crowdfunding campaign also. For developers, raw data and an SDK will be available.

The Dexmo Classic is currently available in  $65 , and the Dexmo F2 for $179. Head over to the Dexmo Kickstarter page for more information and videos on how it works, and to pledge your support. This technology is best for Video Games and might help us in many fields.

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