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Air-Umbrella keep you dry from rain with force field of air

The first Umbrella was invent about thousands year ago and yet there is some little change in design but now a Technology-based company Kickstarter which reveal a new product an Air-Umbrella which has a cone type jetted air which keep rain away from you. This Umbrella is designed by designers of Kickstarter from Nanjing, China.


This umbrella is light weight and a battery depending on its different three models, first model ‘A’ is 30-centimeters (about a foot) long and has 15-mint battery life specially for women. Model ‘B’ is 50-centimeters (about 20 inches) long and has 30-mints battery life. And model ‘C’ can extent from 50-centimeters to 80-centimeters and has a battery of 30-mints. So they should be good for short darts here and there, but not for long romantic strolls in the rain.

Right now you can still get in on the early bird deals. Version A is priced at $88 (about £54, AU$100 AUD), B is going for $98 and C is $108. The pledge and pricing structure is a bit confusing on the Kickstarter page, but it looks like full retail pricing will range from $128 to $148 (about £80, AU$147). The makers are promising delivery in December 2015, so you’d better hold on to your traditional umbrella for the next round of April showers.

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