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Bloodhound SSC 1,000 mph car gets a bullet-proof exterior body structure

The World’s First 1,000 mph Bloodhound SSC car designer now works on bullet-proof external body structure. This car is designed by its driver Andy Green who make World Land Speed Record that he set in 1997, driving at 763 mph. And now his plans to break the World Land Speed Record again by reaching at 1000 mph speed                                                                                                         with his Bloodhound SSC in 2016.

At that high speed the wheels will rotate 10,000 rpm, which means 167 rotations per second and it that high speed any tiny rock touch the car could become a lethal projectile, may kill Andy Green its driver. The Bloodhound’s design team is most concerned that a chunks of metal could get dislodged from the wheels themselves and then fly towards the cockpit at incredible speeds.


Andy Green and his team working on BloodHound since 2011. Creating a ballistic-proof exterior has its own set of engineering challenges. The Bloodhound is designed to go as fast as possible, so the material needs to be as light as possible while still keeping the car and driver safe from projectiles. The engineering team created panels made from millions of tightly woven tightly woven glass threads. The panels had to be curved to fit the surface of the car.

The Bloodhound use two highly powerful engines. The first one is a Rolls-Royce EJ200 Jet Rngine which is also used in Typhoon fighter jets, and the second one is acutely a rocket engine that is normally reserved for space travel.

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