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Finally Ferrari Making an SUV due to Market Pressure

Ferrari is making an SUV. Iconic sports car Ferrari has been dominating the tracks and streets from a long time. But now seems they can’t neglect the rise of the sport-utility vehicle. At New York Stock Exchange Sergio Marchionne, the head of both the Italian automaker and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles …

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See Super Car ‘Keonigsegg One:1’s World Record with a ‘Full Noise Edition’ Video

keonigsegg one

In September 2011, Keonigsegg set a new record in its Keonignegg Agera R car of travelling from 0-300 km/h and 300-0 km/h in 21.19 seconds. And in June 8, 2015 the company improved its record by held a new record with Keonigsegg One:1 at Keonigsegg’s test track in Algelholm, Sweden. These are the result …

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‘Android Auto’ the future of our cars..

Android Auto is finally rolling out to production cars, starting with the Hyundai Sonata. Android Auto does not fully replace the Sonata’s interface. Instead, it essentially runs as an app on top of it, launching when you plug in a compatible phone (Android 5.0 or newer) into the car’s built-in …

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Bloodhound SSC 1,000 mph car gets a bullet-proof exterior body structure


The World’s First 1,000 mph Bloodhound SSC car designer now works on bullet-proof external body structure. This car is designed by its driver Andy Green who make World Land Speed Record that he set in 1997, driving at 763 mph. And now his plans to break the World Land Speed Record again by reaching at …

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World’s first ‘Glowing Car’ in darkness has made by Japanese company ‘NISSAN’


Japan’s car manufacturing company ‘NISSAN’ has made world’s first car that will glow itself in dark. The company says they used a new type of paint which absorb UV (Ultra Violet) light at day time and glow the cars body in dark. Nissan use this paint on its electric car Nissan …

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BLOODHOUND (1000mph ROCKET CAR) will use LAND ROVER’s Engine


The upcoming supersonic Bloodhood a Rocket Car has been revealed by it’s project director Richard Noble who is also a typical Race Driver. According to the 2014 exceptional challenge this car should reach a 1000-mph. Another challenge that was set by the director for the car to run in two opposite directions within an hour …

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This year (2015) will be the year of CARS: CES 2015

The CES 2015 (Consumer Electronics Show) is a very big electronics show in the world where companies from all over the world show there products like every electronics. According to the CES 2015 this year will be CARS year which will be held in Las Angeles, Nevada on January 6-9, 2015. Means this year we will see the …

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Tesla’s new Roadster 3.0 will cover almost 400 Miles on Per Charge


Tesla Inc. is an American Car designer and manufacturing company who sells Electric Cars and Electric vehicle power-train components. Almost 7 years ago company launch a car name Tesla Roadster and in 4 year company sold 2500 units of this car. The current Tesla Roadster covers 245 miles in a single charge with …

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Jaguar and Land Rover plans to make a (Partially) Transparent Car

jaguar-land rover

Jaguar and Lang Rover are planning to develop a system that will allow driver to see throw pillars and posts by eliminating blind spots. This isn’t the first time Jaguar help drivers to drive easy and save with Virtual SmartScreen Concept. Cameras are pointing outside of the car and project …

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Google finally show us a complete prototype of his Self-driving car


Finally Google complete his first prototype of Self-driving car which is steering-less, no accelerator or no brakes. Just contains seat-belts, some leg-rooms few buttons and a screen that will display some feature including your route and an Android based interface. The difference now is that it is fully functional and …

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