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Watch: Audi just made the ‘fastest Autonomous car on the planet’

Audi 'Pilot Driving'

Audi put a big exclamation point on its self-driving technology — “piloted driving,” as the company calls it — with an adrenaline-filled demonstration in Germany over the weekend. Audi claims that its RS7 demo is officially the “fastest autonomous car on the planet.” The car in question was a 560-horsepower RS7 …

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Sony’s Playstation 4 won the ‘World’s Best Gadget of the year Award’ at a ceremony in London


Sony’s Playstation 4 won World’s Best Gadget of the year Award at ‘Technology Oscars award’ ceremony in London. And the best laptop award was for Apple’s MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Sir James Dyson got T3 Tech Legand Award which is given to people whose ‘impact on the technology world has, and continues …

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Toyota designs a new Concept Car vision for Gran Turismo 6


Toyota recently design a new concept car vision FT-1 second version model for Sony Play Station’s Video Game Gran Turismo 6 with Sony’s Polyphony Digital designers and this will be available for Gran Turismo 6 for next month. This new concept is outstanding and may Toyota made this concept for real world car. In …

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Students of ‘UNSW’ breaks the 26-year old world record with soler car ‘Sunswift eve’


On Monday a student team of  University of New South Wales in Australia break down the 26-years old world record of  electric car with Solar Power Car called Sunswift Car  at track in Victoria and become the fastest Electric Car which covers the longest distance of 500 km. The students are …

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Jaguar reveals new ‘virtual windscreen concept’


We know Jaguar Cars is a brand of Jaguar Land Rover, a British multinational car manufacturer company, which is  owned by Tata Motors since 2008. Now the company’s concept to make a Wind-Screen” with Virtual Technology that show Speedometer and other features on your car’s Windscreen. Check this concept from Video …

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