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Sony is trying to make watch with e-paper which look likes awesome


Electronic paper, e–paper and electronic ink are display technologies that mimic the appearance of ordinary ink on paper. Unlike conventional backlit flat panel displays that emit light, electronic paper displays reflect light like paper. Three days ago, we heard of Sony’s plans to build a watch made entirely of e-paper — …

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‘BlinkBox’ added a new feature to download videos and can watch them offline


BlinkBox is an online video streaming website which let you to see Movies and TV Shows online. But now there is a new feature which let you to download your favorite videos and a see them whenever you want. But this service is only available for iSO and Android operating system. …

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The first zero-g real coffee machine arrives at the Space Station

Yesterday morning, Italy’s first female astronaut arrived at the International Space Station, carrying — well, more accurately, clutching in her arms like a first-born child — the first zero-g Certified Italian Espresso coffee machine. The machine, called the ISSpresso, was created by a couple of Italian companies after another Italian astronaut …

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Now you can send instant messages and calls right from your Web without any plug-in


Skype announced a new beta-version of instant messaging platform you can send messages and can audio and video calls right from your Web browser. Before this update you should need a plug-in to install into you browser. But now you can access Skype like Messenger on Web browser with out …

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GTA V comes to PS4, Xbox One and Windows with ‘First Person mode’

GTA V comes to PS4, Xbox One and Windows with 'First Person mode'

It is confirmed that 2013’s blockbuster game GTA V from the developers of Rockstar comes for PS4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows with a new First Person Shooter mode. The game will be available for PS4 and Xbox one on November 18,2014 and for a PC version of this game will be available …

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Today Microsoft announced ‘Skype Translator Tool Preview’ which will support Windows 8.1 or higher


Today Microsoft announced Skype Translator Tool  Preview which will just support Windows 8.1 or Window’s Technical Preview. Try now to Register yourself for Skype Translator Tool  Preview just give your email address, complete the given form and you will receive an email from Microsoft/Skype. This Preview isn’t have all features and languages but …

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‘Nixie’ a wearable camera drone wins Intel’s $500,000 tech challenge yesterday at San Fransisco

Nixie drone

Intel challenged to all over the world to create a different thing in for Intel Wearable thing itself and get a chance to win $500,000. The winner of First prize Intel’s wearable competition, the Make It Wearable challenge, has been announced, and the grand prize was scooped by Nixie yesterday in San Fransisco. …

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is releasing today see the trailer and System Requirements


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare  is this is first solo project of Sledgehammer Games studio centered around the same futuristic technology: an Elysuim style exoskeleton called the EXO.  The studio was founded by the lead creatives behind Dead Space, Sledgehammer previously helped out on Modern Warfare 3.The entirety of the game is set …

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HP made a real All in One full featured PC of future called ‘Sprout’

HP Sprout-14

This is HP’s full featured All in One PC called Sprout which has Aside from its special scanner and touch mat, the Sprout is a regular Windows 8.1 PC with a Core i7-4790S processor, Nvidia GeForce GT 745A GPU, 8GB RAM, 23-inch 1920×1080 touchscreen, and 1TB hard disk with an 8GB SSD accelerator. The …

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After VR Goggles, now there is a ‘exoglove’ which let you to touch Virtual World


A chinese company  Dexta has made this Virtual exoglove called  Dexmo  which let you to touch virtual world. This is really an amazing thing and look like a robotic hand wear on your hand. It has many axis and sensors for each finger which control your hand movement and lock hand’s movement when …

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