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Toyota designs a new Concept Car vision for Gran Turismo 6


Toyota recently design a new concept car vision FT-1 second version model for Sony Play Station’s Video Game Gran Turismo 6 with Sony’s Polyphony Digital designers and this will be available for Gran Turismo 6 for next month. This new concept is outstanding and may Toyota made this concept for real world car. In …

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Samsung ready to buy ‘SmartThings’ a Home Appliances Company in $200 Millions


Samsung is ready to buy ‘SmartThings’ a company which makes Electric Home Appliances in $200 Millions that can be controlled from your Smartphone. SmartThings was founded in 2012 and built a platform that support more than 1000 devices/items, like control your home lights, doors, thermostats, windows, security cameras and much …

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Japanese build World’s Fastest Camera that can capture 4.4 Trillion Frames per Second


Japanese researchers have build Fastest Camera in the World which is capable to to capture about 4.4 Trillion frames per second (FPS). This camera is almost 1000 times faster than other cameras in the world. The researcher teams from University of Tokyo and Keio University was working on this project from last …

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Most of us don’t know What is Private/Incognito Window in any Browser?


Opening a New Window in your browser with Private/Incognito mode isn’t track your Web History. That is a pre-installed function in almost every Web Browser like in Google Chrome  Browser you can open new window by clicking on icon on most right side in upper corner and select ‘“New incognito Window” or pressing “Ctrl+Shift+N” and …

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A new software lets you add 3D objects into 2D Image


It is a new software developed by a team of Carnegie Mellon University in the US which lets you add 3D objects into a 2D image. With this editing tool you can add everyday objects like car, table, chair and a laptop etc into image and can also move/set this object …

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Guardians of Galaxy Movie set a new record of $94 Million this Weekend


Now Marvel‘s new Super Heroes Movie ‘Guardians of Galaxy‘ is on cinemas and set a new record of $94 Million this Weekend. In estimate this movie was release in more than 4000 Theaters in worldwide. The last winner of the Weekend was  The Bourne Ultimatum (2007) with almost $69 Million. In …

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