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Finally Rockstar Studio release ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ for PC Version

Rockstar Studio delay release of Grand Theft Auto V for PC Version some times after they release this version of game for XBox and PS4 in 2013 and earn about $1 Billion just in 3 days after this release and now PC version release is also a big step for Rockstar studio.   …

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This is what a one-dimensional video game looks like


Line Wobbler is a one-dimensional dungeon crawler played on a strip of LED lights.At the Game Developers Conference, countless lectures and panels rap on the depth of video games. Line Wobbler isn’t interested in depth per se — or width, for that matter. The one-dimensional dungeon crawling adventure is played …

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World’s first 4K Android TV console ‘Nvidia Shield’ will launch this May for $199


Yesterday Nvidia announced its new Android gaming console model. The latest Shield (previous entries include a gaming tablet and before that an all-in-one game controller plus screen) is the “world’s first 4K Android TV console.” This device will support 4K video at 60Hz. The Shield will launch in May for $199, game controller included. …

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Project Morpheus will come to PlayStation 4 in first half of 2016


Sony announced that the Project Morpheus virtual reality headset is indeed a real product coming to retail, and we can expect a release in the first half of 2016. The prototype showed at GDC 2015 includes a number of impressive advances from the first-generation model showed last year, and we’ll soon …

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GTA V comes to PS4, Xbox One and Windows with ‘First Person mode’

GTA V comes to PS4, Xbox One and Windows with 'First Person mode'

It is confirmed that 2013’s blockbuster game GTA V from the developers of Rockstar comes for PS4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows with a new First Person Shooter mode. The game will be available for PS4 and Xbox one on November 18,2014 and for a PC version of this game will be available …

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is releasing today see the trailer and System Requirements


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare  is this is first solo project of Sledgehammer Games studio centered around the same futuristic technology: an Elysuim style exoskeleton called the EXO.  The studio was founded by the lead creatives behind Dead Space, Sledgehammer previously helped out on Modern Warfare 3.The entirety of the game is set …

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HP made a real All in One full featured PC of future called ‘Sprout’

HP Sprout-14

This is HP’s full featured All in One PC called Sprout which has Aside from its special scanner and touch mat, the Sprout is a regular Windows 8.1 PC with a Core i7-4790S processor, Nvidia GeForce GT 745A GPU, 8GB RAM, 23-inch 1920×1080 touchscreen, and 1TB hard disk with an 8GB SSD accelerator. The …

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After VR Goggles, now there is a ‘exoglove’ which let you to touch Virtual World


A chinese company  Dexta has made this Virtual exoglove called  Dexmo  which let you to touch virtual world. This is really an amazing thing and look like a robotic hand wear on your hand. It has many axis and sensors for each finger which control your hand movement and lock hand’s movement when …

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Razer Project Christine: A first look at a wild new vision for build-your-own gaming PCs


LAS VEGAS — The new Mac Pro might be the beginning of a reinvention in desktop PC design, but Razer wants a say in it, too. At CES 2014, PC gaming company Razer, always known to make splashes with unique design concepts, unveiled Project Christine on the show floor. It’s …

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Now turn your room into a giant Xbox Game with Microsoft’s ‘RoomAlive’


When Microsoft first demonstrated its IllumiRoom research project at CES last year it generated a huge amount of attention ahead of a next-generation Xbox unveiling. A video showed off a projection system that was linked to the Xbox to extend games from a TV to nearby walls, and appeared to be more …

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