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‘Sense’ a light, sound, temperature and sleep all in one tracker is now available for pre-order


Sense is a sleep tracker with a difference; instead of demanding you wear a device or asking you to leave your phone under the pillow. Sense is made up of a base unit that lives on your bedside table and a small “pill” that attaches your pillow to track movement during the night. This …

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Finally Virtual Reality comes to the Desktop Computers thanks to HP and Zspace


I hope you already know about what is Virtual Reality? “The virtual reality concept is a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment, such as a helmet with a screen inside …

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This ambulance drone could help to save heart attack victims

Ambulance Drone

This ambulance drone is a hexacopter that can travel to a location within 12 square kilometres in about a minute. According to Alec Momont, the designer of the drone, this quick response can increase a heart attack patient’s chances of survival tenfold. According to the report with an Ambulance help (911) …

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A new technology uses ‘harmless infrared light’ to show veins in our body


According to the news this new technology is very helpful to find veins in our body. In Australia Red Cross Blood Services has tested this new technology about 900 Donors and a world wide trail determined that this is more useful and secure way to fine veins.   In Sydney Clinics, …

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The coolest way to generate electricity from falling water

Kelvin's Thunderstorm

Kelvin’s Thunderstorm is a simple experiment that can produce electrical sparks from falling water and there is no machinery like ‘turbine’.  and invented by a scientist Kelvin many years ago. See the latest episode of Veritasium how all this works. This is the coolest way to generate Electricity is using from many year …

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Now Amazon’s same day Grocery Services launch in New York


Amazon Fresh is a subsidiary of the Amazon.com American e-commerce company in Seattle, Washington. It revived the business model of ordering groceries online for home delivery. This service is already available in Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Francisco but from today Amazon start its service in New York .  This service allows customers to …

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Air-Umbrella keep you dry from rain with force field of air


The first Umbrella was invent about thousands year ago and yet there is some little change in design but now a Technology-based company Kickstarter which reveal a new product an Air-Umbrella which has a cone type jetted air which keep rain away from you. This Umbrella is designed by designers of Kickstarter …

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Now control your ‘Body Temperature’ with this new bracelet


Intel’s Make it Wearable challenge has the lofty goal of changing the future of wearable technology. Embr Labs was just announced as one of the competition’s finalists for its Wristify product, which basically puts a personal air conditioner and heater on your wrist. At its core, the Wristify concept is …

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Now you can control almost any thing just by thinking with ‘Sensor-embedded clothing’


Wouldn’t it be nice to brew a cup of coffee in the morning just by thinking about it, or shut off the TV with a blink of an eye? So-called mind-controlled technology may help people accomplish these simple tasks by wearing, say, a sleep mask or pajamas embedded with sensors. …

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