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4th of July – Independence Day USA Federal Holiday

4th of July

4th of July, July Fourth or Fourth of July is celebrated as independence day in USA and there is Federal Holiday there on this occasion. It is celebrated as Declaration of Independence on declaring Independence from Great Britain in July 4, 1776. A number of special events are arranged on …

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WhatsApp’s leaked screenshot reveal voice calling feature


In start of this year WhatsApp told that he will add voice-calling feature in now you can see leaked pictures  of voice-calling feature interface which are given by Androidworld.nl online. The WhatsApp app has two versions for Android devices: one which is available on PlayStore and second which you can get from WhatsApp’s …

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Instagram’s now worth is greater than Twitter which is ($35 billion)

Facebook puschase Instagram in $1 Billion but know according to  Citigroup  the valuation of Instagram and now believes that it is worth $35 billion. Citi had previously valued Instagram at $19 billion, that itself being far above the $1 billion that Facebook purchased Instagram for back in 2012. The increased value …

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