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Here you can get best ‘App Launcher’ for your Smartphone


The best application launcher app for Android smartphone i ever use is APUS Launcher. This app has a rich material interface and works very well and a lightweight application. The APUS application bundle has 3-4 apps which has different functionalities.   APUS Launcher: APUS Launcher is an app launcher with a …

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The Ubuntu phone is real and going on sale next week


After a long time of Ubuntu’s Mobile phone announcement now Ubuntu is ready to release its smartphone who’s name is Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition and it is built by Spanish company BQ. This little-known manufacturer of tablets and e-readers is adapting one of its Android handsets to run Ubuntu which will available in …

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Now never miss a text or call when you are on your Computer/Laptop with Pushbullet


Pushbullet is a simple app who’s main purpose is that when you receive any text or call it will notify you on your Personal computer or laptop. You can text/reply your friends just from your browser you are using. But your mobile and your PC must connect to same Internet …

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Now you can share you location via SMS or on Google Map on Smartphone


Recently Google Map has released a new update for Smartphones in which Google add some new feature like map sharing function and better navigation to find restaurants and hotels. First on Android OS now you can share you location with your friends and others by taping on menu option and send turn-by-turn textual …

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Google Translate’s new update now support Real-time voice and Sign translation for Android and iOS


Many of us use Google Translate in their desktop computer or on Google Translate app on their Android or iOS devices. But now Google make it more easy to translate with using Real-time voice translation and Sign translation features on your Android and iOS app.   Currently Google translation is available for 90 …

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Finally Virtual Reality comes to the Desktop Computers thanks to HP and Zspace


I hope you already know about what is Virtual Reality? “The virtual reality concept is a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment, such as a helmet with a screen inside …

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‘Vuzix’ just made an amazing eye-wear which will compete ‘Google Glass’


Vuzix Computer Softwares developing company and also made wearable devices like Smart Glasses. According to the Vuzix company has sold thousands of pieces until now and these may be around you. The main features of this smart eye-wear are picking the packets and deliver them to their right place in warehouses and the second …

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CES 2015: Intel put Windows OS into a Pen-Drive with Atom quad-core CPU in just $149


In CES 2015 Intel reveal many new things along with his new series of 5th Generation Broadwell Processors and also introduce like a Pen-Drive like Compute Stick which will come in March with two type of operating systems. First one is Windows 8.1 OS witch comes with 2-GB of RAM and 32-GB of Flash Storage …

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Nvidia built a new ‘SuperChip Tegra X1’ for SmartPhones and tabs much faster than his previous chip


At CES 2015 (Consumer Electronics Show) , Nvidia‘s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang reveal the all new Tegra X1 can bring console and Computer Graphics to SmartPhone which is much faster than his previous version of chip Tegra K1. This superchip will give as clear graphic result to smartphones and tablets as in Xbox One …

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Seagate introduced new hard-drive named ‘Seagate Seven’ thiner than iPhone 6 Plus


The company Seagate said that this is the slimmest Hard Drive ever made name Seagate Seven is just 7mm thin mean thinner than iPhone 6 Plus. The drive have 500GB of memory space and USB 3.0 and all the steel chassis. According to the report drive will be available for PC’s in Seagate‘s 35th anniversary …

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