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BLOODHOUND (1000mph ROCKET CAR) will use LAND ROVER’s Engine


The upcoming supersonic Bloodhood a Rocket Car has been revealed by it’s project director Richard Noble who is also a typical Race Driver. According to the 2014 exceptional challenge this car should reach a 1000-mph. Another challenge that was set by the director for the car to run in two opposite directions within an hour …

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World First hybrid plane has been successfully tested and will recharge batteries during the flight

The world’s first hybrid plane that can recharge itself mid flight has been successfully tested at Sywell Aerodrome in Northamptonshire. The aircraft has been created by a team at Cambridge University, working with Boeing, who carried out the maiden flight at the airfield on December 23. They hope that the plane will …

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Dubai’s plan to built World’s First Rotating Building called “Building in Motion”


In past few years Dubai has become a business place where millions of people visit every year for their business purpose, shopping in best malls all over the world and see the beauty of Dubai. Now Dubai is almost ready to become a first country that will have a moving building. …

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Amazon offers 40 Apps for free who’s actual price are $220 as Christmas Gift


Amazon offers total 40 Apps + Games for free as a Christmas Gift for every Android or Amazon user. The total price of all these apps are $220 at Amazon Store. The most popular apps/games are Angry Birds Space ($2.99), Jump Desktop ($9.99), Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, 8th Ed. ($30.99) and The Muscular System Manual: …

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After a decade you may travel in a Windowless Plane


Every year airplanes combustion thousands liters  of fuel and emit millions tones of carbon dioxide to pollute our  air. Many of aviation companies are busy to weight of aircraft, which would cut fuel consumption and airfares. The 70-80 weight of the plane consist of its fuel, walls and windows. Centre …

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Microsoft will finally announce a full version of Windows 10 in January 2015

Microsoft promised that it will show off full features Windows 10 contains in an event held in its Redmond campus on 21 January, 2015. Microsoft Senior Marketing Communications Manager Brandon LeBlanc wrote in a Windows blog post. The event will be broadcast live that everyone can watch the event. Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella …

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A French Computer Science student turns Wikipedia into a 3D Galaxy


There is no doubt Wikipedia  knows everything and also very important for our daily use from finding any topic to Biography of a celebrity person like Bill Gates Wikipedia always helps us. But from a long time we see Wiki in a same/simple interface. But a French Computer Science student Owen Cornec believes …

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‘Humin’ a Contacts App for iPhone and Android which is fast, easy and useful


Since fully launching in August this year Humin, the app that aims to replace your iPhone contacts app, has garnered a number of favourable reviews. This is in large part because it handles contacts in the way that you might. Humin gathers data from your phone, Facebook and LinkedIn contacts …

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Microsoft’s Windows 10 ‘Cortana’ feature for desktop systems


Currently Microsoft is working on Windows 10 preview and unveil a lot of  features in its latest update built(s). According to news Microsoft will add a bunch of new features in January 2015’s preview built, there is a new feature Microsoft’s Virtual Assistant for Windows according to the  WinBeta which will support …

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Professor Stephen Hawking’s Intel communication system has updated with ‘SwiftKey’ technology

Prof. Stephen Hawking

Professor Stephen Hawking has suffered from motor neurone disease from when he was a graduate student and he used an Intel’s communication system to talk to the world almost from last 20-years. Recently Intel updated Prof. communication system with SwiftKey technology. SwiftKey uses text prediction technology, also available for iSO and Android platform …

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