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Amazon uses robots called ‘Kiva’ instead of employees in its warehouses


Amazon uses robots instead of  employees in warehouses, these squat orange robots, called Kiva and used to carry shelves from one corner to another in warehouses in some minutes, which is done by men in hours. These robots has been installed in 10 of Amazon’s warehouses in US, California, Texas, New Jersey, …

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Could Apple Inc. becomes the world’s first trillion dollar comapny?

Apple Inc._11

Its just thee years that Tim Cook take over the Apple‘s CEO chair and he make the Apple stock market just double that it was in 2011 when Steve Jobs handover his company to Tim Cook due to his health condition. At that time many people doubted on will Tim Cook …

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Sony is trying to make watch with e-paper which look likes awesome


Electronic paper, e–paper and electronic ink are display technologies that mimic the appearance of ordinary ink on paper. Unlike conventional backlit flat panel displays that emit light, electronic paper displays reflect light like paper. Three days ago, we heard of Sony’s plans to build a watch made entirely of e-paper — …

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The first zero-g real coffee machine arrives at the Space Station

Yesterday morning, Italy’s first female astronaut arrived at the International Space Station, carrying — well, more accurately, clutching in her arms like a first-born child — the first zero-g Certified Italian Espresso coffee machine. The machine, called the ISSpresso, was created by a couple of Italian companies after another Italian astronaut …

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Jolla’s new Sailfish tablet earns about a million dollars in just 2 days


Jolla Oy is an independent designer and developer of various mobile devices as well as their open Sailfish OS and Mer Core open source projects. Sailfish tablet is neither an iOS nor an Android operating system it has an open-source Linux based operating system Jolla’s Sailfish OS 2.0 which is designed …

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Yahoo Default search provider in Mozilla Firefox

For almost the entirety of Firefox’s 12-year history, Mozilla — and thus Firefox — has been primarily funded by a lucrative deal with Google. Since 2004, Google has been paying Mozilla around $100 million per year — or about 85% of Mozilla’s total income — to keep Google as the default search …

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Microsoft exam passed by five year old

Five year old passes Microsoft exam

A child Ayan Qureshi is now a Microsoft Certified Professional after passing the exam at the age of five. His father is also an IT consultant. He belongs to Pakistan. He is the worlds first child who passed the exam at the age of five.

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Why Android 5.0 lollipop was launched?

Android 5.0 lollipop

About a year or two ago, you couldn’t read tech news without hearing about how excruciatingly slow Android updates were. Tablets and phones that were only a few months old were languishing on versions of the platform that were nearly a year old, which of course made them completely unsuitable …

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Now you can send instant messages and calls right from your Web without any plug-in


Skype announced a new beta-version of instant messaging platform you can send messages and can audio and video calls right from your Web browser. Before this update you should need a plug-in to install into you browser. But now you can access Skype like Messenger on Web browser with out …

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This ambulance drone could help to save heart attack victims

Ambulance Drone

This ambulance drone is a hexacopter that can travel to a location within 12 square kilometres in about a minute. According to Alec Momont, the designer of the drone, this quick response can increase a heart attack patient’s chances of survival tenfold. According to the report with an Ambulance help (911) …

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