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Andoid’s best 15 rich material apps you should try


Gogle’s Material Design aesthetic is supposed to be the new standard for Android design, but not all apps have made the transition to the catchy new look. That’s a shame, because it brings a level of beauty and polish to Android that hasn’t existed until the new design scheme was …

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This bouncing ball drone will search and rescue without harming anybody by accidentally


The Winner of the UAE drones for good award and $1 million USD prize money, the Flyability’s Gimball drone is protected by a rotating cage which prevents damages when colliding with obstacles. This is the world’s first drone of its kind which enables it to enter complex spaces and safely fly close to humans, …

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Now turn your room into a giant Xbox Game with Microsoft’s ‘RoomAlive’


When Microsoft first demonstrated its IllumiRoom research project at CES last year it generated a huge amount of attention ahead of a next-generation Xbox unveiling. A video showed off a projection system that was linked to the Xbox to extend games from a TV to nearby walls, and appeared to be more …

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Mark Zuckerberg has more Billions then his age-years


You probably know about Mark Zuckerberg the who is the co-founder and CEO of the World’s largest Social Network Facebook and 30-years old. The net worth of Mark Zuckerberg is about $31.6 Billion which means he more billion then his age-years and. Now he joins the list of three Billionaires who have more …

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You will be able to learn Language just by eating a Pill, MIT Media Lab founder Nicholas Negroponte says

There is 30 years History of Future in in this video where MIT Media Lab founder Nicholas Negroponte told us ideas before 30 years about all the Technology we use daily in our life.Like Touch Screen Concept, Virtual Reality , and Google Glass etc.

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Apple partnership with IBM to modirate his Enterprise Mobillity


Apple and IBM are now in partnership to increase Apple’s Enterprise Mobility.  Apple said that with IBM’s they increase mobile’s Security , a better App Development and cloud storage. IBM will supply , activate and supply iOS devices and offer a unique services optimization. They plans to make next generation business …

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Google offers to teach Development Android App courses at Udacity for Everyone


Google offers to learn Android App Development courses at Udacity . Udacity is a website where you find online courses of programming and all courses related to Computer Science. Now Google offers you to teach Android App Development Cources for all who something know about programming but didn’t know ho to develop apps …

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Microsoft’s CEO said to cuts Thousand of Employees in this week


Microsoft’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Satya Nadella  is planning to lay off thousands of its employees from company’s. It is the biggest lay off in Microsoft’s history. Satya Nadella who took the seat of CEO at Microsoft earlier this year said to make company more strong in Mobile devices, Cloud …

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