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Dubai’s plan to built World’s First Rotating Building called “Building in Motion”

In past few years Dubai has become a business place where millions of people visit every year for their business purpose, shopping in best malls all over the world and see the beauty of Dubai. Now Dubai is almost ready to become a first country that will have a moving building.

An Italian architect David Fisher‘s  gave a new building design in New Yark.  Currently the target cities are Dubai, London and Paris according to the report by Dynamic Architecture. David says “wind turbines on every floor will provide power. “Wind has a very negative affect on skyscrapers we all know. So I say ‘why do we want to fight the wind.”

This building will be the first dynamic building mean can change its shape bu rotating at any moment  and can be adopt any shape. The building will contains 80 floors, one apartment per floor. The rotating building is made possible by 79 giant power-generating wind turbines. And will move using turbines, these turbines will also gave enough energy to light up the whole building and also give extra energy to the electricity grid station.


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