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Google and Apple are now concentrate on Health care.

Now a days Google and Apple are concentrate on Health cares, both they are busy  to develop apps for their users to make them fit and healthy. Google launched his first project about health ‘Google Project’ a project for the users to easily access medical stores at different places but this don’t show good results. And now Google’s new project about health and care is ‘Google fit’ project. In this project Google pay attention on exercise and diet.

Apple Hosts Its Worldwide Developers Conference

On the other hand apple also shows his interest toward Health care and announced his partnership with Epic Systems which is a private health care software company held in 1979 and which now managed 51% patient record in United States.


The best health care app in my view is MyFitnessPal which is available for Android at Play Store , iphone at iTunes, Windows Phone at Windows Store and Blackberry at Blackberry World.

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