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Google completely change his email inbox service with ‘Google Now’ support

Today, Google completely change its email inbox service with ‘Google Now’. This is more than an inbox email with all new modification in almost everything in inbox. This works only on specific systems like Chrome Browser on web , iOS 7+ and android 4.1+, there is  completely change look and fast.

on Mobile

The basic idea is this: it’s still a Gmail app, but instead of giving you the traditional list of emails, it tries to intelligently give you more information so you don’t have to even open them. Google Now-style info cards appear right in line with your message list, including things like flight times, package tracking, and photos.An  Assists feature attaches relevant information, such as telephone numbers, opening hours and maps, to your reminders and emails.

Alex Gawley, product director of Gmail (and now Inbox), says that he and his team wanted a “fresh start” that wasn’t burdened by the 30 years of baggage that underlies email. “The world has changed a lot since it was invented,” he says, but more importantly it’s changed a lot since Gmail itself came on the scene 10 years ago. So Inbox was designed “mobile first,”  to use that already tired term, and isn’t yet available on tablets.

Source: The Verge

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