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Here is a night vision camera for smartphones called ‘Seek Thermal’ in just $249 (USD)

Once night vision or thermal cameras are only available for the military and professionals. But now Seek Thermal is a tiny camera which you can attach to your smartphone get a thermal image of your surrounding , showing you a temperature snapshot of your environment.

There are to many awesome real-life uses for Seek Thermal camera for example to find the problem of electricity and water the camera can help you see problems inside pipes or see where heat is escaping from around windows or doors. It is also useful for home security, to see if any unwanted animals or humans are getting into your home.

The Seek Thermal system includes a camera attachment for your Android or iOS device and an app will help you to capture images and shows you more features.


Seek sells two smartphone camera attachments, the $250 Thermal camera and the $300 Thermal Xtra Range (XR), both available for iOS or Android devices. The difference between the two is that the XR can see objects twice as far as the original camera, with the same clarity and the XR has a manual focus feature. For the iPhone, you need to have a Lightning connector and iOS 7 or 8. For Android, you just need to run Jelly Bean 4.3.1 or later. For this review, I tested the original model Android camera and app.

Source ==> CNET

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