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Here you can get best ‘App Launcher’ for your Smartphone

The best application launcher app for Android smartphone i ever use is APUS Launcher. This app has a rich material interface and works very well and a lightweight application. The APUS application bundle has 3-4 apps which has different functionalities.


  1. APUS Launcher: APUS Launcher is an app launcher with a rich material interface. The main feature of this launcher is that it create separate folders and put the different category apps in different folders like all your media player apps in a media folder, all your games in a games folder etc and all of this is doing on its on. You can also choose your favorite theme, every theme has a special calligraphy and rich design hundreds of wallpaper also provided in HD resolution You can download it from here.APUS_launcher
  2.  APUS Nodification: With APUS Notification you will never miss a notification its feature is that it will display notification when you receive a text, call, whatsapp msgs etc. You can un-check the option you don’t want notification. You can donwload it from here.
  3. APUS Booster: APUS Booster is another application that will boost your device by closing unnecessary apps that are not in use which release space from RAM so you device will respond fast. You can download it from here.DU Speed Booster (Antivirus) 2.1.0 build 553
  4. APUS Power: APUS Power is an app that will boost your battery timing by closing unnecessary apps that are not in use but are open in RAM/background.apus_power
  5. APUS Flashlight: APUS Flashligt is an app of flashlight for your device. This also have features like constant lightning, SOS lightning and talking flashlight you can simply use flashlight encoded by Morse code to say whatever you want to say. It’s fun to try! Download it from here.APUS-Flashlight-680x380

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