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HP made a real All in One full featured PC of future called ‘Sprout’

This is HP’s full featured All in One PC called Sprout which has Aside from its special scanner and touch mat, the Sprout is a regular Windows 8.1 PC with a Core i7-4790S processor, Nvidia GeForce GT 745A GPU, 8GB RAM, 23-inch 1920×1080 touchscreen, and 1TB hard disk with an 8GB SSD accelerator.

HP Sprout-14

The all-in-one desktop PC has an integrated 3D scanner that can digitize physical objects and a projector with a 20-inch touch-sensitive mat. The 3D scanner uses Intel’s RealSense 3D capture, which combines the images from multiple cameras to construct its 3D models; it can also capture 14 megapixel 2D images. Both the 3D scanner and the projector point at the touch mat, creating a workspace enabling the “physical” manipulation of digital objects.


HP is calling this fusion of digital and physical “blended reality.” Sprout, which HP styles as an “immersive computer,” is one part of that, bringing physical objects into the digital world. HP also has eyes on the other half of the story: putting digital objects into the physical world with 3D printers.

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