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Jaguar and Land Rover plans to make a (Partially) Transparent Car

Jaguar and Lang Rover are planning to develop a system that will allow driver to see throw pillars and posts by eliminating blind spots. This isn’t the first time Jaguar help drivers to drive easy and save with Virtual SmartScreen Concept.

Cameras are pointing outside of the car and project a 360 degree image to the screens which are embedded on  pillars and posts. all cameras at front project a full image at the Windshield like Virtual SmartScreen Concept with more improvements like it displays navigation, a Ghost Car and displays a Danger Red Sign on the screen when someone nears to the car as his/her chances to collide with car (accident).

The main advantage of this program is that screens are activated only when there is something important to displays and the back pillars of the car become transparent only when the driver turns his head left/right or signals that he’s about to make a turn. The Ghost Car displays on the Windshield when there is rush on the road and a voice also tells you to turn left/right in 5 seconds etc.

The company said that the at the day of full release this embedded system will at its full potential like it will able to display more features like information beamed in from the road, traffic signs, and other infrastructure, so drivers will have it at their fingertips just when they need it.

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