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Lets see who is using/stealing your Wifi

Many of us lock our Wifi routers with Security and MAC filtering but still have slow Internet Speed and don’t know is there a problem in Internet connection or someone is stealing your Wifi. But now there is a free software named Who is on my Wifi on Windows Operating System (OS) that tells you how many devices are using your Wifi on Real time.

First Step: First of all Download and install a copy of that free Software Who is on my Wifi.

Second Step: Secondly when software is installed correctly that is is asked to get tutorial how to use the Software. This is an easy process and you get it in just less then 1 minute.

There is an interface of that software how it is look like. When your scan is completed it shows the number of devices that are currently using your Wifi. You have MAC address , Computer Name, IP Address , Connection Status etc.



You can name any device in Description  Row and if the device connected to the Router is known then change the property from “Unknown” to “Known”. The Unknown devices are show with Yellow color.

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