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Meet Jibo,The World’s First Family Robot.

Meet Jibo:The “world’s First Family robot.”

The 28-centimetre,3-Kilogram “sociable robot”snaps family photo,handles video calling and act’s as a digital concierge.The Founder of JIBO is “Cynthina Breazeal”.


There is 2 hi-res Camera recognize and track faces,capture photos and unable immersive video calling.360 degree microphone and language processing let you take to jibo from any where in the room.Connected wirelessly to the Internet, Jibo sift thought messages,organize your itinerary and orders takeout.But Jibocan also Perform more Stories to a child.Advertised as an “Attentive companion”for seniors and a “Responsive playmate”for kids,Jibo swivels to look at whoever it addresses,it face a large “blinding ball” beamed from a high defination screen,an effect not unlike Cyclops.


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