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Now never miss a text or call when you are on your Computer/Laptop with Pushbullet

Pushbullet is a simple app who’s main purpose is that when you receive any text or call it will notify you on your Personal computer or laptop. You can text/reply your friends just from your browser you are using.

But your mobile and your PC must connect to same Internet Network. You can also transfer data/files from Smartphone to your System or from your system to your Smartphone. The thing you only need to do is just to install this software in your smartphone and extention to this app into your browser like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari etc.

Other notifications will pop up too. Pushbullet automatically sends all your phone notificationsover to your computer in the form of little windows. Not only that, you can take actions on them with a click. Snooze alarms, archive emails, dismiss Facebook alerts, or just mute certain types of notifications so you never see them on your computer again. Pushbullet is easy to teach with just a few clicks and suddenly you’re never fumbling for your phone at your desk again. You can even use it to sync notifications across all your Android devices, assuming you have more than one.

You might using other apps like MightySMS but these apps someting do not work properly but Pushbullet is simple, lightweight and streamlined enough to use easily and don not burden on you system and smartphone. Just signup for this app and use the same signin id on your browser then it will automatically link to your PC. You can get this app and extentions from the official website or get app from Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS

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