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Nvidia built a new ‘SuperChip Tegra X1’ for SmartPhones and tabs much faster than his previous chip

At CES 2015 (Consumer Electronics Show) , Nvidia‘s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang reveal the all new Tegra X1 can bring console and Computer Graphics to SmartPhone which is much faster than his previous version of chip Tegra K1. This superchip will give as clear graphic result to smartphones and tablets as in Xbox One have.

CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said the processor use our latest PC architecture for GPU (Graphics Processing Units), called Maxwell, that packs in a 256-core GPU on top of a 8-core central processing unit that, together, pumps out one whole tera-flop of computational power.

“This little tiny thing here is a mobile superchip,” Huang said, adding that the X1 was twice as powerful as last year’s K1. “We’re able to run any application that relies on the architecture of Maxwell,” he added. That includes any game powered by top-end PCs and home console.

Nvidia Tegra X1

The company also show new two new products Drive PX and Drive CX. Drive PX will provide autopilot and self-driving software by utilizing new Tegra X1’s together to provide reliable computer vision for automobiles, helping with AI-assisted parking and self-driving functions of next-generation cars. Drive CX is Nvidia’s new hardware and software platform for bringing its graphics and simulation chops to cars’ center consoles for navigation, driver monitoring and other screen functions.



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