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Sony opens pre-orders for its $840 Google Glass alternative


Google might have shelved its Glass project for now, but its rapid about-face doesn’t mean that its peers have given up on their own augmented reality goggle projects. Sony today made a developer version of its Google Glass-esque SmartEyeglass available for pre-order, before it goes on sale in the US, the …

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Here is a night vision camera for smartphones called ‘Seek Thermal’ in just $249 (USD)


Once night vision or thermal cameras are only available for the military and professionals. But now Seek Thermal is a tiny camera which you can attach to your smartphone get a thermal image of your surrounding , showing you a temperature snapshot of your environment. There are to many awesome real-life uses for …

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World’s first ‘Glowing Car’ in darkness has made by Japanese company ‘NISSAN’


Japan’s car manufacturing company ‘NISSAN’ has made world’s first car that will glow itself in dark. The company says they used a new type of paint which absorb UV (Ultra Violet) light at day time and glow the cars body in dark. Nissan use this paint on its electric car Nissan …

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