IBM Research, Airlight Energy work on affordable solar tech


A system that can concentrate the sun’s radiation by 2,000 times and convert 80 percent of it into useful energy has been developed by IBM Research in a team effort with Airlight Energy of Switzerland.Engineers at IBM Research and Airlight Energy are announcing the technology, which is able to generate …

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Microsoft is busy to make an incredible transparent smart cover for Surface Tablets


In These days Microsoft is busy to make amazing and incredible things like some days before Microsoft working on a project called RoomAlive-turn your room into a giant Xbox Game and now i hear a latest news about a new project that Microsoft imagines an incredible transparent smart cover for Surface …

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Now turn your room into a giant Xbox Game with Microsoft’s ‘RoomAlive’


When Microsoft first demonstrated its IllumiRoom research project at CES last year it generated a huge amount of attention ahead of a next-generation Xbox unveiling. A video showed off a projection system that was linked to the Xbox to extend games from a TV to nearby walls, and appeared to be more …

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A PhD student has made a gaint 3D-Printed spider robot


A robotics Phd student Matt Bunting from University of Arizona  has built a 3D-Printed spider robot which can be controlled with an iPad. This gaint robot look like a real world spider with his six legs and it move with a sinuous or wavelike motion. This technology is exploration into how computer vision and locomotion …

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Sony’s Playstation 4 won the ‘World’s Best Gadget of the year Award’ at a ceremony in London


Sony’s Playstation 4 won World’s Best Gadget of the year Award at ‘Technology Oscars award’ ceremony in London. And the best laptop award was for Apple’s MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Sir James Dyson got T3 Tech Legand Award which is given to people whose ‘impact on the technology world has, and continues …

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Physicists have developed an ultra fast laser which could ultimately speed up our Internet


This semiconductor nano-laser can produce up to one trillion laser pulses per second, making it the fastest laser ever at transmitting information. The record-breaking lasers were created by physicists from Imperial College London in the UK and the Friedrich Schiller University Jena in Germany, using tiny wires made of zinc oxide …

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A new type of ‘Solar Cell’ can save sunlight and convert into ‘Hydrogen’ more efficiently then ever


We know that ‘Solar Cells’ are more efficient and promising devices than other “fossil fuels’ in the world but the one and only one problem with them is that ; “what to do when there is no sunshine or cloudy on sky.??” , this this the biggest problem with solar …

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New version of Windows called ”Windows 10” See whats going on at the Microsoft’s live conference about


One thing is clear that the new version of window is not ‘Windows 9′ or Windows TH’ , but it is called Windows 10.  There are alot of questions in mind about new version Windows 10. It is more charming and advanced then the previous version Windows 8. Joe Belfiore and Terry …

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