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Amazon offers 40 Apps for free who’s actual price are $220 as Christmas Gift


Amazon offers total 40 Apps + Games for free as a Christmas Gift for every Android or Amazon user. The total price of all these apps are $220 at Amazon Store. The most popular apps/games are Angry Birds Space ($2.99), Jump Desktop ($9.99), Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, 8th Ed. ($30.99) and The Muscular System Manual: …

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Jaguar and Land Rover plans to make a (Partially) Transparent Car

jaguar-land rover

Jaguar and Lang Rover are planning to develop a system that will allow driver to see throw pillars and posts by eliminating blind spots. This isn’t the first time Jaguar help drivers to drive easy and save with Virtual SmartScreen Concept. Cameras are pointing outside of the car and project …

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WhatsApp’s leaked screenshot reveal voice calling feature


In start of this year WhatsApp told that he will add voice-calling feature in now you can see leaked pictures  of voice-calling feature interface which are given by online. The WhatsApp app has two versions for Android devices: one which is available on PlayStore and second which you can get from WhatsApp’s …

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