Now you can capture Full Moon at these Calender Dates


Many of you has a desire to see Moon at night with your partner  in your life. Now there is a precious  to see the Full and Bright Moon at front of your house when Moon is at its closest distance from Earth. . The true Super Moon in 2014 will …

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LG Reveal a flexible OLED TV panel that can be fooled as a Newspaper


Yesterday South Koren company LG Display show up two  new OLED (organic light-emitting diode) Panels from which one  can b fooled just like a newspaper and other is just like Transparent. OLED (organic light-emitting diode) is a technology just like LCD (Liquid crystal display) but it is more thiner , flexible and …

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Sony is planning to releasing new smart phones into his Z-Series


Sony has amazing smart phone series in its Z-Series i which some of the sets are water-proof so that sets are very popular in China for photography in Under water. Now Sony is planning to release new set in Z-Series called Sony Xperia Z3 and Sony Xperia Z3 Compact . Z3 …

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Pentagon spurs new work on a brain implant to aid memory problems


It sounds like science fiction: A device that can be surgically installed in the brain to help form, store and recall memories. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is funding the development of this device. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency announced this week that it has contracted with the University …

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Oral-B’s Reveal a Smart Bluetooth Toothbrush


Oral-B is the #1 power brush brand used by dentists worldwide. And has a long history of innovation in oral care and this is one of the most widely anticipated products in our more than 60 year history. Now company Reveal a new Smartseries 6000 Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth. Company says …

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MindRDR: Control your Google Glass with your Brain

MindRDR and Google Glass

Google Glass is an amazing technology which you can use in different ways. Now MindRDR  lets you control your Google Glass just by thinking what you want to do. For example you want to take a picture your just thought that you want to capture it and it is capture …

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Microsoft decided to end Windows 7 support in 2015

windows 7 boxes

Microsoft recently end the security update for Windows XP this year, now they decided to end Windows 7 support in January 2015. This is a bad news for the business companies who use Windows 7 after ending the support of Window XP instead Windows 8 for their use. But one …

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NASA Build Most Powerful Rocket on the Planet “Space Launch System” SLS

NASA's Space Launch System Rocket

NASA recently contract with “Boeing” which is an Aircraft Manufacturing company which design Aircrafts, Rockets etc to Build Most Powerful Rocket of the Planet called Space Launch System (SLS).  The new contract was signed on July 1 and extends through 2021. It t is expected to Launch after 3 years in …

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