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After a decade you may travel in a Windowless Plane


Every year airplanes combustion thousands liters  of fuel and emit millions tones of carbon dioxide to pollute our  air. Many of aviation companies are busy to weight of aircraft, which would cut fuel consumption and airfares. The 70-80 weight of the plane consist of its fuel, walls and windows. Centre …

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Instagram’s now worth is greater than Twitter which is ($35 billion)

Facebook puschase Instagram in $1 Billion but know according to  Citigroup  the valuation of Instagram and now believes that it is worth $35 billion. Citi had previously valued Instagram at $19 billion, that itself being far above the $1 billion that Facebook purchased Instagram for back in 2012. The increased value …

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Skype has just released instant translator preview app


Earlier this year Skype told it will release a real-time translator which allow people to speak in different languages in their normal conversation. Now Skype has just released real-time  translator preview app which can translate into two languages English and Spanish yet. It works as by adding either showing Subtitles into people’s conversation or playing audio …

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