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Microsoft’s Windows 10 ‘Cortana’ feature for desktop systems


Currently Microsoft is working on Windows 10 preview and unveil a lot of  features in its latest update built(s). According to news Microsoft will add a bunch of new features in January 2015’s preview built, there is a new feature Microsoft’s Virtual Assistant for Windows according to the  WinBeta which will support …

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Professor Stephen Hawking’s Intel communication system has updated with ‘SwiftKey’ technology

Prof. Stephen Hawking

Professor Stephen Hawking has suffered from motor neurone disease from when he was a graduate student and he used an Intel’s communication system to talk to the world almost from last 20-years. Recently Intel updated Prof. communication system with SwiftKey technology. SwiftKey uses text prediction technology, also available for iSO and Android platform …

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Amazon uses robots called ‘Kiva’ instead of employees in its warehouses


Amazon uses robots instead of  employees in warehouses, these squat orange robots, called Kiva and used to carry shelves from one corner to another in warehouses in some minutes, which is done by men in hours. These robots has been installed in 10 of Amazon’s warehouses in US, California, Texas, New Jersey, …

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