World’s first 4K Android TV console ‘Nvidia Shield’ will launch this May for $199


Yesterday Nvidia announced its new Android gaming console model. The latest Shield (previous entries include a gaming tablet and before that an all-in-one game controller plus screen) is the “world’s first 4K Android TV console.” This device will support 4K video at 60Hz. The Shield will launch in May for $199, game controller included. …

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Project Morpheus will come to PlayStation 4 in first half of 2016


Sony announced that the Project Morpheus virtual reality headset is indeed a real product coming to retail, and we can expect a release in the first half of 2016. The prototype showed at GDC 2015 includes a number of impressive advances from the first-generation model showed last year, and we’ll soon …

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Simplicam’s home monitoring software targets parts of the room


Last year a software development company introduce a home security cam  called Simplicam which let you to view whats going on at home remotely from your smart phone and even you can talk to your family direct from your phone’s mic.   Simplicam’s key feature is that mobile software company, Closeli made a built-in face detection and face recognition features …

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‘Sense’ a light, sound, temperature and sleep all in one tracker is now available for pre-order


Sense is a sleep tracker with a difference; instead of demanding you wear a device or asking you to leave your phone under the pillow. Sense is made up of a base unit that lives on your bedside table and a small “pill” that attaches your pillow to track movement during the night. This …

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Now Control your Android device setting with voice command


Recently Google update its Search app for Android 5.0 Lollipop version devices which will allow you to ON/OFF your Wifi, Bluetooth and Camera LED’s flashlight with your voice. The thing you need to do is just update Google Search App on your Android 5.0 Lollipop                         …

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Here is the visualization of how many planes take flights daily


There are so many planes in the world take flights daily around us. We cannot count them because imagine if one plane is here (in USA) then other plane may be in (UAE or JAPAN) second corner of the world. This problem is solved by a San Francisco-based British developer, Callum Prentice, who a starting …

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Sony opens pre-orders for its $840 Google Glass alternative


Google might have shelved its Glass project for now, but its rapid about-face doesn’t mean that its peers have given up on their own augmented reality goggle projects. Sony today made a developer version of its Google Glass-esque SmartEyeglass available for pre-order, before it goes on sale in the US, the …

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Here is a night vision camera for smartphones called ‘Seek Thermal’ in just $249 (USD)


Once night vision or thermal cameras are only available for the military and professionals. But now Seek Thermal is a tiny camera which you can attach to your smartphone get a thermal image of your surrounding , showing you a temperature snapshot of your environment. There are to many awesome real-life uses for …

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World’s first ‘Glowing Car’ in darkness has made by Japanese company ‘NISSAN’


Japan’s car manufacturing company ‘NISSAN’ has made world’s first car that will glow itself in dark. The company says they used a new type of paint which absorb UV (Ultra Violet) light at day time and glow the cars body in dark. Nissan use this paint on its electric car Nissan …

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This bouncing ball drone will search and rescue without harming anybody by accidentally


The Winner of the UAE drones for good award and $1 million USD prize money, the Flyability’s Gimball drone is protected by a rotating cage which prevents damages when colliding with obstacles. This is the world’s first drone of its kind which enables it to enter complex spaces and safely fly close to humans, …

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