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Now Robots can move objects using static electricity and also less expensive


A Robot name GrabIt use its mechanical hands and static electricity to pickup and transport objects from one place to and other. These electrostatic attraction are same forces that generate static electricity can be strong enough to pick up and move boxes, crates, and other objects? This works as the powered electrodes …

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Microsoft’s ‘Surface Pro 3’ break the record of selling Surface Tables

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Recently at Thursday Microsoft release its company earning report in which he tells that  the company disclosed that Surface revenue topped $908 million for the quarter. It’s look like the Surface business will top a billion dollars business. And sells almost 100% more Surface Pro tablets instead Surface Pro 2 …

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If you don’t like math no worry Now ‘PhotoMath’ app will solve your math questions!!

Photo2 PhotoMath

If you don’t like math now no need to worry because now there is an app called PhotoMath to solve math’s homework (question) in real time just by capture the questions from mobile’s camera. This app can solve questions including (plus, minus, multiply and division), fractions and decimals, powers and roots, …

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