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World’s first 4K Android TV console ‘Nvidia Shield’ will launch this May for $199


Yesterday Nvidia announced its new Android gaming console model. The latest Shield (previous entries include a gaming tablet and before that an all-in-one game controller plus screen) is the “world’s first 4K Android TV console.” This device will support 4K video at 60Hz. The Shield will launch in May for $199, game controller included. …

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Project Morpheus will come to PlayStation 4 in first half of 2016


Sony announced that the Project Morpheus virtual reality headset is indeed a real product coming to retail, and we can expect a release in the first half of 2016. The prototype showed at GDC 2015 includes a number of impressive advances from the first-generation model showed last year, and we’ll soon …

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Simplicam’s home monitoring software targets parts of the room


Last year a software development company introduce a home security cam  called Simplicam which let you to view whats going on at home remotely from your smart phone and even you can talk to your family direct from your phone’s mic.   Simplicam’s key feature is that mobile software company, Closeli made a built-in face detection and face recognition features …

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