If you don’t like math no worry Now ‘PhotoMath’ app will solve your math questions!!

Photo2 PhotoMath

If you don’t like math now no need to worry because now there is an app called PhotoMath to solve math’s homework (question) in real time just by capture the questions from mobile’s camera. This app can solve questions including (plus, minus, multiply and division), fractions and decimals, powers and roots, …

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‘Sony’ just make the best ad ever made before


This is an ad from Sony Corp. for the publicity of its new Bravia 4k LCDs. The team used numerous tools, like a special macro lens, cross-polarized lighting (which is usually used for microscopic photographs) to enhance reflections and of course 4K resolution technology.   One more thing team said there is …

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The coolest way to generate electricity from falling water

Kelvin's Thunderstorm

Kelvin’s Thunderstorm is a simple experiment that can produce electrical sparks from falling water and there is no machinery like ‘turbine’.  and invented by a scientist Kelvin many years ago. See the latest episode of Veritasium how all this works. This is the coolest way to generate Electricity is using from many year …

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Google completely change his email inbox service with ‘Google Now’ support


Today, Google completely change its email inbox service with ‘Google Now’. This is more than an inbox email with all new modification in almost everything in inbox. This works only on specific systems like Chrome Browser on web , iOS 7+ and android 4.1+, there is  completely change look and fast. …

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Watch: Audi just made the ‘fastest Autonomous car on the planet’

Audi 'Pilot Driving'

Audi put a big exclamation point on its self-driving technology — “piloted driving,” as the company calls it — with an adrenaline-filled demonstration in Germany over the weekend. Audi claims that its RS7 demo is officially the “fastest autonomous car on the planet.” The car in question was a 560-horsepower RS7 …

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Here you can get alot of new things ‘Apple’ announced in October 16, 2014 event


If you miss Apple’s October 16, 2014 event, there is no need to worry because here you can get almost every thing you want to know about Apple’s event. Tim Cook Apple’s CEO said the launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is the largest event in the history …

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Now you can Pre-order Google’s Nexus 9 from HTC, Amazon or Play Store


Google’s new Nexus 9 tablet is now available to pre-order from HTC, Amazon, Best Buy, and  Play Store, with orders scheduled to ship out for its release on November 3rd. The HTC- and Google-made tablet is one of the first devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop, which includes a number of major changes, including a gentle visual overhaul …

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Now Amazon’s same day Grocery Services launch in New York


Amazon Fresh is a subsidiary of the Amazon.com American e-commerce company in Seattle, Washington. It revived the business model of ordering groceries online for home delivery. This service is already available in Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Francisco but from today Amazon start its service in New York .  This service allows customers to …

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