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PTCL has launched high-speed and secure ‘Managed Wifi Service”

Islamabad News:  Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has launched a Wifi service previous day called Managed Wifi for all their the customers. According to the PTCL’s Chief Digital Services Officer (CDSO), Kamal Ahmad  “this new service is cost-friendly and also provide  more fast, reliable and secure wireless Internet for any kind of ownership like for home use, office use of any other kind of  use. This service is available across multiple locations without the hassle of associated hardware and maintenance costs.”.

The maximum speed that is available is 1Gbps and depends of number of  devices connected at a specific time. PTCL Managed WiFi is the first of its kind service in Pakistan which caters to the growing connectivity needs of banking and financial sectors, hospitals and educational institutions, as well as large and small government and private organizations.

Source : PTCL

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