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Razer Project Christine: A first look at a wild new vision for build-your-own gaming PCs

LAS VEGAS — The new Mac Pro might be the beginning of a reinvention in desktop PC design, but Razer wants a say in it, too.

At CES 2014, PC gaming company Razer, always known to make splashes with unique design concepts, unveiled Project Christine on the show floor. It’s a prototype mock-up for the future of modular PCs, and it’s a high-end gaming rig that will plug and play all sorts of modules.


Razer has never made a desktop PC before, and only recently made PCs at all: the Razer Blade and Razer Edge were its first products, both showing a lot of design prowess. The design for Project Christine tops all that: what’s on the show floor here in Las Vegas is little more than a metal chassis mock-up, but the design is incredibly cool to behold: a central rack holds plug-in parts that sprout from the sides, building a tower in any combination. It looks simultaneously far-futuristic and a bit steampunk.

Gaming Pc - Razer Debuts Project Christine-n2g-5

Making that all work with be a tall order, but Razer has a history of following through on its promises: Project Fiona, shown off a few years ago, eventually became the very real Razer Edge gaming tablet. It’s a smart design, and one of the best-looking things I’ve seen at this year’s CES. For more, check out Razer’s Web site.

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