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Simplicam’s home monitoring software targets parts of the room

Last year a software development company introduce a home security cam  called Simplicam which let you to view whats going on at home remotely from your smart phone and even you can talk to your family direct from your phone’s mic.


Simplicam’s key feature is that mobile software company, Closeli made a built-in face detection and face recognition features which are  lets you watch for specific people or animals and alerts you to noise or motion. Simplicam announced a new feature Detection Zones, a new feature that allows users to customize motion and face alerts based on specific areas of a room.


Now, parents and pet-owners can cut down on the number of alerts by eliminating them from areas where kids and pets are active. The update also introduces a new user interface that makes editing and sharing videos easier, adds improved motion and night vision sensitivity settings, lets you permanently delete selected clips from the Closeli Cloud anytime you want and lets you easily turn phone notifications on or off via the app.

Simplicam is available for $149.99 on Amazon.com or from the Simplicam Website. Premium features, like face recognition and face detection, and video recording are available with a Closeli Recording Service plan, starting at $4.99 a month.

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