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See Super Car ‘Keonigsegg One:1’s World Record with a ‘Full Noise Edition’ Video

In September 2011, Keonigsegg set a new record in its Keonignegg Agera R car of travelling from 0-300 km/h and 300-0 km/h in 21.19 seconds. And in June 8, 2015 the company improved its record by held a new record with Keonigsegg One:1 at Keonigsegg’s test track in Algelholm, Sweden.

These are the result of Keonigsegg’s new record:

0-300 km/h – 11.92 sec

300-0 km/h – 6.03 sec

Total time 0-300-0 km/h – 17.95 sec which means ‘3.24 sec’ improvement in their previous record which was held in 2011.  A few days later Koenigsegg released a new version of the video, an appropriately titled “Full-noise edition,” that lets us hear every sound from inside the car. And an impressive sound it is too. The One:1’s 5-liter V8 dual-turbo engine bucks and wails as it rips through gear changes, making it sound like an unholy combination of something you’d drive in a Formula 1 race and a muscle car, high-pitched top end joined by a throaty roar that cuts out for milliseconds between transmission shifts. Koenigsegg’s One:1 is so named for its parity between power output and weight — it’s capable of 1,360 PS (the German measurement for horsepower), offsetting its lightweight 1,360-kilogram (2,998-pound) construction.



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