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THAW: A new Technology which allow you to share your Computer screen with Phone’s screen

Researchers from MIT‘s Tangible Media Group and Fluid Interface Group  create a new interesting  technology called THAW  which allows to interact your Phone’s screen with your Computer’s screen. With this technology you can share your TV, Playing Console or Laptop’s screen with your Phone’s Screen.

Just Imagine you are playing game on your computer or your console and suddenly your friend came and let you to go with him you can pause your game on your platform and transfer game screen with your Phone and continue playing game as you left home, or you want to transfer your a file from your system to your phone just share screen, grape the folder from laptop to phone’s screen and see what you want on your phone just within no time without Data transfer cable or Bluetooth. You can see in the image below playing a Mario like game ↓


The question is that how this technology works??

According to MIT Researchers: First of all  THAW  distinguish between colored grid on your computer’s screen and a Smartphone’s camera then hovered over the grid a sensor figure out where to put cursor on your computer’s screen. This cursor is not like the mouse of computer but much smarter then your ordinary mouse and interact with whats inside the screen. To not distract users, the team devised a way to hide the colour grid everywhere except directly underneath the iPhone camera,” he says.

Not only could you theoretically transfer the same video game between multiple screens, but you could also use your screens to completely change its game-play mechanics. As a die-hardSuper Mario Bros. fan, one of the team, Sang-won Leigh of the Fluid Interface Group, has figured out how to use THAW to turn a smartphone into both an obstacle and an aid for a character in a video game that’s being played on a laptop. Brownlee explains at Fast Company.

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