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This ambulance drone could help to save heart attack victims

This ambulance drone is a hexacopter that can travel to a location within 12 square kilometres in about a minute. According to Alec Momont, the designer of the drone, this quick response can increase a heart attack patient’s chances of survival tenfold. According to the report with an Ambulance help (911) there are only 20% chances to save a heart attacked victim but using Ambulance Drone the chances increased by 90% to save a victim.


When a patient has a heart attack and an emergency call is placed, the drone is able to track the location of the call using an in-built GPS for navigation, and fly there at a speed of 100 kilometres per hour. Upon landing, an operator tunes in like a paramedic, giving instructions to someone nearby on how to use the defibrillator to treat the patient by using loudspeaker. The drone also has an in-built camera that allows the operator to ensure the defibrillator is being used correctly. This is very very helpful technology i ever seen.

The drone made of carbon composite structure and its total drone’s weight is just 4kg with medical toolbox thats why it is easy enough to carry. When drone land near the victim it folded it arms itself to convert into a medical box.

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