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This bouncing ball drone will search and rescue without harming anybody by accidentally

The Winner of the UAE drones for good award and $1 million USD prize money, the Flyability’s Gimball drone is protected by a rotating cage which prevents damages when colliding with obstacles. This is the world’s first drone of its kind which enables it to enter complex spaces and safely fly close to humans, making it highly effective and useful for rescue missions.

This new drone called GimBall is a two-rotor drone which is placed inside of a soft, flexible globe cage. The outer globe shaped frame is made of carbon fiber and rotates independently, which allows the inside frame to bounce off walls while maintaining its altitude. To reach on its destination point this drone can come through any obstetrical.


“The goal of this flying robot is to reproduce the amazing capabilities of insects,” says Adrien Briod, Flyability’s co-founder and CTO. “Especially the fact that they can collide into things and continue flying afterwards. Thats why the company called it collision proof drone.”

Flyability envisions the GimBall being deployed in dangerous indoor situations like fires, chemical leaks, or nuclear meltdowns, when rescuers want to search through a building to locate potential survivors, but sending humans might be too dangerous. Although for my money, this unit also has a lot of potential as a training partner when you’re trying to improve your toddler’s freeze tag abilities.



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