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This year (2015) will be the year of CARS: CES 2015

The CES 2015 (Consumer Electronics Show) is a very big electronics show in the world where companies from all over the world show there products like every electronics. According to the CES 2015 this year will be CARS year which will be held in Las Angeles, Nevada on January 6-9, 2015.

Means this year we will see the beginning of cars that are connected to the Internet. The CES keynote speakers list features from Ford, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and other motor cars. Many more are expected to be demonstrating new models and technology at the event.

And it’s not just car companies trying their hand at technology. The innovations are going the other way, too, with chip maker Nvidia set to show off cars. Some companies have already teased the devices they’re set to show off. Hyundai, set show its new Display Audio unit, which will connect with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

Most of the connected cars are set to make use of those two specially created in-car versions of mobile operating systems. But now those are parts of the software available for phones users plug their device into the car, and a version of the operating system is shown on screen.

The car will offers each operating system, which allowing drivers to access their music, messages and phone calls, as well as other features. Means there features controlled by voice assistants, known as Siri and Google Now.

Google recently announced that Android Auto could be installed directly into the car, rather than relying on phones. Usually, the version of Android for the car sits on top of the car’s built-in operating system, but the new version will allow it to happen without a phone.

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