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UAE Reveals to send its first Arab spaceship on Mars till 2021

Sheikh Al Maktoum Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) shows his interest in Technology and want to make his Muslim Country into the peak of Science and Technology. He plans to send his first Arab Spaceship on Mars in 2021. “The new probe to Mars represents our Arab and Muslim world entering to the era of space exploration,” says Al Maktoum

Professor Dr Humaid Majol Al Nuaimi, President of the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Science and Acting Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sharjah for Academic Affairs, said the mission will revive the Arab and Islamic world’s legacy in the field of astronomy and space and this will turn everyone’s attention toward the new Technology and this will help to find the life on Mars.
The Government also purchase Satellite Broadcast System and plans to send his 3rd Satellite into space till 2016.

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