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‘Vuzix’ just made an amazing eye-wear which will compete ‘Google Glass’

Vuzix Computer Softwares developing company and also made wearable devices like Smart Glasses. According to the Vuzix company has sold thousands of pieces until now and these may be around you. The main features of this smart eye-wear are picking the packets and deliver them to their right place in warehouses and the second feature is repairing the machinery.

In first main feature the glass guide the person from where to pick the right item, it will show path using arrows to reach the right place after you reach the right place it will show you a green window where you will pick that item , after taking the item that person can scan barcode just by seeing toward it and it will show a green sign if this will right thing and the inventory management system can update in real time.

In Second it will also show if any device you are using need a repair. Smart Glass will show you a video guide how to repair that thing. And if you cannot handle all alone it will connect you to a repair technician with live video chat who will guide you properly.

The company said that, like Google Glass this can also show you hands free mapping, email and text notifications, and also let you to take photos and video. The device runs on Android and also uses the same API as Google Glass to uses to work with smartphone apps and a powerful CPU inside it. This is also very comfortable to wear. The version  M100 is now on sale, and for $500 less than the Explorer version of Glass will cost you.

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