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World’s first ‘Glowing Car’ in darkness has made by Japanese company ‘NISSAN’

Japan’s car manufacturing company ‘NISSAN’ has made world’s first car that will glow itself in dark. The company says they used a new type of paint which absorb UV (Ultra Violet) light at day time and glow the cars body in dark. Nissan use this paint on its electric car Nissan Leaf.

That secret energy absorbing paint is called ‘Starpath’. It is the creation of Surrey-based inventor Hamish Scott, who is already trialling grow-in-the-dark cycle paths in Cambridge. He said that this paint is made by a mixture of Strontium Aluminate, which is solid, and chemically and biologically inert and some very rare organic/earth materials. This paint is also rain-resistance.

It would be easy to find their can in parking in dark and also in dark black roads. Nissan says its eco-friendly car costs less than two pence per mile to run and that 89 per cent of Leaf owners in the UK charge their cars at home overnight. And car can glow 8-10 hours after the sunset.

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